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Distributing plan


Due to the significant growth opportunity and low market saturation in the

emerging home smart lighting market, OKELI aims to increase its market share 

by recruiting global distributors who can better serve the needs of local 

customers and help accelerate the adoption of smart lighting solutions worldwide.


OKELI's professional design team offers a thorough and comprehensive store design plan

 for spaces measuring either 80 or 120 square meters. This plan includes the design of 

our image wall, service desk, showcases, and smart exhibition halls.



Product Category



Product Series

Downlight, Spotlight, Track light, Panel light,Wall light, Pendant light etc.

Bollard light, Wall light, Step light, In-ground light,Post light etc.


Product packaging

Brand custom packaging

Brand custom packaging


Best distributor wholesale price

Best distributor wholesale price


50 styles

30 styles

Promotional materials

picture, video, poster

picture, video, poster

Certification file



Test Report

Integrating sphere test report, IES file, IP Rating Report

Integrating sphere test report, IES file,IP Rating Report

Smart lighting system




Five years

Five years

Channel support

In the offline arena, OKELI assigns customers to existing distributors in the market. 

In the online space, we leverages its website and social media channels to

 assist distributors in promoting and acquiring more customers.

Store building service

We offer a comprehensive customization service that includes store image design and decoration materials.

Additionally, we provides 100 half-price sample sets prior to store opening as well as operational guidance 

to help minimize risks.And provides online customer service via its website and utilizes an ERP order system.

Sales support

OKELI offers special training for order sales and marketing strategies, along with a range of marketing materials 

such as product catalogs, promotional posters, application project photos, display cabinets, and display racks.

To incentivize regional sales volume, we provides rebates and two promotional activities per year. 

And we support returns and exchanges for overstocked inventory to help distributors manage their stock levels effectively.

After-sale support

OKELI provides a five-year warranty on its products and offers free maintenance and replacement 

of any items found to be of poor quality. To further support , we will provide one annual 

shipment of products to address any quality issues that may arise.

Why Choose Us

Group resource support

Neworb Group offers lighting manufacturing, import/export, and investment services to numerous customers since 2000. 

OKELI Brand, one of their key brands, has accumulated resources for 23 years to strengthen relationships with distributors.

Supply chain advantages

Supply Chain Advantages.png

Our company places a high priority on producing quality lighting products that are both affordable and offer excellent value. 

With 23 years of experience, we have built up a strong network of supplier resources and possess a keen ability 

to innovate. As a result, our customers can enjoy cost savings of up to 30% on each project while minimizing any associated risks.

Focus on smart product

For the past 14 years, we have focused our efforts on producing home lighting products that are in line with the industry's minimalist, 

smart, and environmentally-friendly trends. Our specialization in this area has led to excellent growth potential for our business.

One-on-one project support

OKELI offers customized services for project contracts, including dedicated one-on-one tracking 

and full support to ensure exceptional service delivery. To ensure timely execution, each project is 

assigned a dedicated consultant who will oversee the entire project from start to finish.

Looking forward to your joining!

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